Company profile

Outstanding International Education Group

Outstanding International Education Group (OIEG) has more than 25 years of educational experience in Asia, investing in and operating projects that include Outstanding English Language School, Outstanding American Early Learning Center, Outstanding American Preschool, Outstanding International Corporation Department, Outstanding Educational Software (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd., Icloud City Education Technology Co., Ltd. OIEG aims to promote language training and preschool education.  It develops children's training system, adult education system, e-learning education system, education research & development system, overseas study consulting system, international cooperation system and other development platforms. It is an education corporation that involves education training, educational research and development, publications, online teaching, educational software development. Currently, OIEG continues to cooperate globally with a newly established boarding private college in Toronto, which provides a series of high-quality oversea study, language, education resources and other services for thousands of students and education institutions no matter at home or abroad.

Our Team

Outstanding International Academy (OIA) has a professional team of teachers that is composed of local teachers with Canadian teacher qualifications and abundant teaching experience. In addition, academic guidance team and career coaching team who are familiar with the characteristics of Chinese students, support students’ schoolwork and career development. After graduation, OIA students will receive the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) that is globally recognized by world-class universities and students may enjoy advantages as local students in Canada.

OIA adheres to a high standard when operating the private school. We hire teachers with long-term teaching experience in local public private schools, refer to the public-school syllabus, set higher schoolwork standards, and adopt progressive curriculum arrangement that inspire students’ learning potential. Through specialized training to achieve good results in all kinds of competitions, students not only improve their own confidence, but also become more competitive to apply to the ideal universities.