Full Student Services

OIA’s student services begin when the student arrives at the Toronto Pearson Airport for the first time, until he/she graduates from OIA and enters his/her dream college or university. OIA supports and encourages students’ success in studying abroad with our professionalism and dedication.

Pre-departure guidance: OIA presents a general overview of study abroad to students; introduces the urban environment of Toronto and Canada; and reminds students of the important matters in learning and living that need special attention.

Airport pick-up service: OIA will provide the contact information of the pick-up person before departure; ensure the pick-up person is waiting at the arrival gate in the airport on time; contact students’ parents withn 10 minutes after picking up the students at the airport.

Guardian service: under Canadian law, minors studying in Canada must have a legal guardian. Our assigned guardians are guaranteed to be accessible to students 24 hours a day and to respond promptly to urgent illness or accidents.

Study supervision: OIA will report current academic position regularly to students which includes report cards and teachers’ remarks or comments; OIA will offer counselling services regarding learning, course enrollment, university application, etc.; OIA will organize regular student group activities and extracurricular activities.

Parents Can Visit Service: OIA will provide invitation letters and other relevant documents required for visa applications and offer parents airport pick-up and accommodation services, et

Daily Living services: OIA will assist freshmen to open bank accounts, settle telephone accounts, purchase student insurance; answer questions about campus, culture, transportation and how to make friends, etc.

Safety education: OIA provides a safe and supportive learning environment.  If required, we will guide students to handle school bullying, mental health and emergency medical situations; we will educate students to protect personal information and prevent fraud or deception.

Social events: OIA will organize regular social events for students, such as university visits, sports activities, coffee chats, museum visits, gallery visits, road trip, lectures, reading sessions, English practice and so on.

Consultancy services: OIA will provide up-to-date information and guidance regarding visas, work permits, health insurance, municipal services, personal affairs, etc.

Volunteer activities: OIA will give students the opportunity to participate as volunteers on campus and in the community; OIA will help students reach out to society, increase social experiences, and integrate into the local community.