TESL Certification

TESL stands for Teaching English as a Second Language. The TESL certification is recognized and accepted worldwide as a general English teacher qualification. It serves as a proof of adequate training and a certain degree of skills in oral speaking and teaching methods. The TESL training incorporates classroom observation, supervised practice teaching and evaluation, study of teaching methodology, second language learning and practices, and computer-assisted teaching.

OIEG TESL Certification

Advantages of OIEG TESL Training:

1.Accreditation: If a candidate successfully passes the professional assessment, the teacher will obtain TESL certification issued by OIEG since we are accredited by TESL Ontario. Non-Canadian teachers can apply for a work permit with this certification.

2.Efficiency: The training process, from registration to obtaining TESL certification, takes no more than five weeks, saving time and costs for both teachers and educational institutions.

3.Our Goal: Exclusive courses are designed for foreign teachers to help them adapt to the Asian social or work environment.

4.Professionalism: OIEG hires specialized trainers from TESL Ontario to ensure the quality of training.

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